Creating a Promo Code


Promo Codes allow you to provide discounts to Retailers shopping your menu on LeafLink. Once setup, users can add your Promo Code to their basket before checking out to apply a discount to their order. You choose what the code is, which brand it's applied to, what the percentage discount is, as well as set a start and end date for your promotion.

Accessing Promo Codes

To access Promo Codes:

  1. Click Settings on the LeafLink navigation panel
  2. Click Promo Codes


Creating a Promo Code

After accessing the Promo Codes screen, follow these steps:

  1. Click the blue Add Promo button, then
  2. Select a Brand (if multiple)
  3. Enter a Code
  4. Enter an Amount (% discount)
  5. Select a Start Date
  6. Select an End Date
  7. Review promo details to confirm accuracy
  8. Click Save


Retailers shopping your menu will be able to add the Promo Code you create to add the applicable discount amount to their entire order during the specified date-range.

Editing/Deleting a Promo Code

Only the Start Date and End Date can be edited once a code has been created. If other details need to be changed, deleting the code and creating a new one is the best option. To edit or delete, follow these steps from the Promo Codes page:

  1. Click the three-dots menu to the right of your Promo Code
  2. Select Edit or Delete



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