Downloaded Reports


Various Reports available on LeafLink are able to be exported for use by your team in spreadsheets and in other applications. Downloaded Reports features a list of Reports previously exported by members of your team along with some helpful supplemental information.

To get started, click Reports on the LeafLink navigation panel, then click Downloaded Reports.


The following is a rundown of each column on the Downloaded Reports page:

  • Report - The name of the Report that was exported
  • User - Which user on your team requested this Report
  • Start time - The date and time the export for this Report was requested
  • Complete time - The date and time the export for this Report was delivered
  • Status - Displays the status of the export
    • Completed - The export was successfully delivered
    • Pending - The export is in the process of being delivered
    • Failed - The export has failed, please contact for assistance
  • Action - Click the icon here to re-download a copy of this Report
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