Batch Management


Batch Management on LeafLink allows for the addition of batch numbers and lab/test results to products in your inventory. This information is displayed to Retailers viewing your menu, providing them with deeper insight into your product specifications and increased confidence while shopping.

Batch Management offers the following benefits:

  • Store production batch numbers and test results within LeafLink
  • Export batch information to CSV
  • Associate batches to LeafLink products to show test results to shoppers
  • Attach documents to batches for increased verification of results

Enabling Batch Management

To enable Batch Management on your account, click Settings then Account Settings on the LeafLink navigation panel.

From the Account Settings Screen:

  1. Click Orders at the top of the screen.
  2. Check the box next to Enable Batch Management.


Using Batch Management

To get started using Batch Management, click Inventory on the LeafLink navigation panel, then click Batch Management

Adding a New Production Batch

On the Inventory page, click the Batch Management tab near the top of the screen. Click New to create a new batch, then enter the following information:

  1. Production Batch Number: Add a name/number for the current batch.
  2. Batch Date: Click to select a date for the current batch.
  3. Specifications: Enter the amount for the following
    • THC
    • THCA
    • CBD
    • CBDA
    • CBG
    • CBN
  4. Associated Products: Type to search or scroll through the dropdown menu to associate products in your inventory with the current batch.
  5. Choose File: Click to navigate files on your computer for a document to attach to the current batch.
  6. Description: Add a description of the document selected in step five.
  7. Attach Another Document: Click here to attach another document.
  8. Save: Click to save the current batch.


Editing a Production Batch

To edit the details for a production batch or add new associated products:

  1. Clickellipsis-icon.pngto the left of a production batch number
  2. Click edit-icon.pngEdit


Edit the desired information, then click Save.

Batch Information for Retailers

While shopping a Brand's menu, Retailers can view batch information by clicking a product's name to reveal more info:

  1. Product Info: Standard specifications added to a product
  2. Batch and Test Results: Batch and test results, along with attached documents, for a product


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