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Retailers on LeafLink shop more confidently and frequently when products have packaging information included. Adding Product Packaging to your Inventory lets you associate packaging info with products on your menu, increasing your opportunities to attract new customers.

bulb.png Note: LeafLink does not confirm or verify product packaging details.

Adding Product Packaging

To get started, click Inventory in the LeafLink navigation panel, then click the Product Packaging tab near the top-right corner of the screen.

Here, click Add Product Packaging in the top-right corner of the the Product Packaging tab.


Enter the following details about your product packaging:

Package Name: Enter a name for your package here.

Description: Enter a description for your package here.

Upload File: Click to browse files on your computer to add here. Up to three are allowed.

Recyclable: Check this box to mark your package as being recyclable.

Compliance Details: Enter details for how this packaging type meets compliance standards here.


Associating Products with Packaging

Use the edit function to add/edit package information with products on your inventory. To learn more about editing products, click here.

While editing a product, find Product Packaging under the Product Details section. Click the dropdown to select from existing product packages. Clicking Manage navigates to the Product Packaging screen.


Once finished, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Editing Product Packaging

Clickellipsis-icon.pngto the left of a Package Name, then click edit-icon.png

Here, you can make changes or remove information about the details entered when originally creating the package. At least one image must remain associated with a package, so you'll need to add an updated image before removing all previous ones.

When finished, click Save.

bulb.png Note: Editing product packaging information updates details for all associated products.

Product Packaging for Retailers

Retailers can view packaging information on a product's details page by clicking the Product Packaging tab to the right of a product's main image.


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