Adding FAQs to Your Menu


If you frequently receive the same questions from shoppers, we recommend adding an FAQ to your menu. You can associate an FAQ with an individual product or a product line. It will appear in the Product Details for those products.

To add an FAQ, go to Inventory in the LeafLink navigation bar. Click on the FAQs tab.

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add Question.
  2. Enter the Question and the Answer.
  3. To associate the FAQ with Products and/or Product Lines, click in the respective field and scroll through the list of options. Click the products and/or product lines of your choice to select.
  4. Click Submit.

The FAQ will now appear in Product Details on your menu. You can preview this by clicking on Manage Menu in the LeafLink navigation panel and clicking on the name of a product. It will drop down the Product Details, where you will now see the FAQ.

You can edit your FAQs by navigating to the FAQs tab and clicking the edit icon to the right of any existing FAQ.

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