Adding & Editing Product Lines


A product line is a section of your menu dedicated to a certain type of product. For example, if you offer a variety of concentrates, you may have categories such as “Live Resin” and “Wax”. Depending on the products you carry, it might be more granular; for example, you might have “Soothing Topicals” and “Extra Strength Topicals.”

Your Client Experience representative will help you determine appropriate product lines during onboarding. If you are unsure of how to organize your menu, contact your representative at for a consultation.

Note: It is recommended that you add the product lines that you need before adding products to your menu. Product lines make your products more easily searchable on LeafLink, and adding them before creating a product will save you extra steps later.

How to Add a Product Line

To add a product line, click Inventory on the LeafLink navigation panel. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Product Lines tab in the horizontal navigation bar.
  2. Select the associated brand for the new product line. If you only operate one brand, this brand will be the default selection.
  3. Name the new product line.
  4. Save by clicking Create Product Line.

The product line will now appear in Existing Brands and Product Lines on this page. It will also be available as an option when adding products.

How to Edit a Product Line

To edit a product line from the Products Line tab, follow these steps:

  1. Find the product line you’d like to edit under Existing Brands and Product Lines. Click the edit icon. (Note: You may also delete a product line by clicking the trash can icon.)
  2. The product line’s information will now appear in the fields at the top of the page. Make your changes.
  3. Click Save Product Line.
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