Inherited Inventory


Varieties and Inherited Inventory are an optional way of listing your products and managing your inventory on LeafLink. Inherited Inventory was designed for flower companies who package their product based on the orders they receive, and therefore “take” inventory from a parent product.

Varieties are ideal for products with sizes (like flower), flavors or other "types."

Inherited Inventory is for when a product's varieties "borrow" inventory from the parent product. For example, you might have 5 pounds of flower (the parent product) that you package into various sizes (the varieties).

Using Product Varieties

To turn on varieties for a product, select This Product has Varieties on the Edit Product page.

The Product Varieties section will appear on the bottom of the page. You can use these fields to assign different prices and order quantities to each variety. You can add more varieties using the Add another variety button.

Using Inherited Inventory

When using Varieties, you can change the type of Inventory Management to Inherited. Alternatively, you can leave it as "Unmanaged", meaning that the product will never run out of inventory on LeafLink and always appear as available to retailers.

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