Creating a Product Template


If you are creating multiple products in LeafLink, we recommend creating a Product Template first. A Product Template allows you to automatically pre-populate fields that would have the same information. This will save you a great deal of time, especially during on-boarding when you are adding lots of products at once.

Create a Product Template

Click Inventory in the LeafLink navigation panel. Here, click Templates in the horizontal navigation bar and click Create New Product Template.

Enter the Product Template name in the Template Name field.

Fill out any fields that will be the same across multiple products that will use this template. You will most likely want to add the Brand and License fields, but the other fields you fill will depend on how many similarities there are in the products you will be adding. For example, if this template is for your line of edibles, you may wish to add Product Inventory information (whether the product is Unlimited, Managed, or Inherited, and defining units) and Product Category (Edible).

Once you’ve entered the desired fields, click Save.

The template will now be available when you select Create a Product or in Bulk Add. It will populate the fields you selected, so you only have to fill in the missing fields.

You can edit or delete the template by going to the Templates tab in Inventory and clicking the edit icon or the trash can icon.

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