Shipping Orders


Shipping an order means that it has departed your facility and is on its way to the retailer. There are two ways to ship an order on LeafLink: from the Shipment Queue and from Orders Received.

Depending on your permissions and how your account was set up, you may have access to the Shipment Queue; if not, you can fulfill or ship an order from Orders Received.

When you move an order to the Shipped state on LeafLink, the retailer will receive an email notification if it was an organic order. If it was a manual order, it will only send an email notification if you have chosen to send notifications for manual orders in Settings. Regardless of whether the order was organic or manual, it will appear as Shipped in the retailer’s Orders Sent tab in their LeafLink account.

How to Ship an Order from the Shipment Queue

Once the order has been Fulfilled, the order is pushed to the Shipment Queue. The Shipment Queue stores all Fulfilled orders ready to be shipped.

bulb.png Note: When the order is Fulfilled and appears in the Shipment Queue, it will still also be visible in Orders Received.

To ship an order from the Shipment Queue, click Shipment Queue in the LeafLink navigation panel. Then, follow these steps:

  1. To locate a specific order, use the Order ID, Customer, and City filters above the sub-menu bar. Another option is to hover over the sub-menu bar until arrows appear. Use these arrows to filter alphabetically and/or chronologically by the sub-menu category.
  2. Click anywhere on the order line to open the order you wish to ship.
  3. Click the Ship Order button.

The order will now appear as Shipped in Orders Received and will no longer appear in the Shipment Queue.

How to Fulfill an Order from the Order Received Page

You can also move orders from Fulfilled to Shipped on the Orders Received page.

First, click Orders Received in the LeafLink navigation panel. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll or search for the order you’d like to ship. Then, click the vertical ellipsis to the left.
  2. Select Shipped.

The order will now appear as Shipped on the Orders Received page.

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