Adding a Brand



Your LeafLink subscription includes one brand with its own menu and profile in the marketplace. If you sell product via multiple brands, adding a brand to your account allows for additional menus for each brand. Additional brands added to your account start at $99/month per brand.

To add a brand, click Manage Brands under Settings in the LeafLink navigation panel.

From here, click Request a New Brand. This takes you to the Brand Profile Add page. Similar to when you created a Brand Profile for your other brand(s), fill out all the information you'd like displayed to retailers, including:

  • Brand Name: This fields will automatically populate based on what you entered when you signed up for LeafLink. If you’d like to change either of these fields, contact your Client Experience representative at
  • Brand Website
  • Tagline: This short tagline appears underneath your brand in Shop Brands.
  • Brand Announcement: The Brand Announcement will appear on your brand menu and can be used to communicate an important message to retailers (i.e. “Accepting orders for 4/20 until 4/12 at 5 pm PST”).
  • Brand Phone
  • Enable Public Menu: This will enable your public menu link, which can be shared with retailers. It will display an abridged version of your LeafLink menu without pricing, and prompt LeafLink users to log in and see your full menu.
  • Description
  • Logo (Required): This image will populate any of your products that do not have an image associated with them. Images appear best on the platform if they are 268 H x 228 W and under 200kb.
  • Brand Banner: This will add a cover photo on your Brand Profile. For Brand Banners, we recommend using a PNG or JPG image that is 1200 pixels wide and 340 pixels tall.
  • Social Media Handles

Click Save Changes. Our Client Experience team will reach out to let you know when the brand has been successfully approved and added to your account.


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