Product Performance Report


Access a product’s individual performance report for detailed information about how this product is performing on your menu. You’ll find information about how much you’ve sold, which customers order this product frequently (and which haven’t ordered in a while), plus much more.

Accessing a Product’s Performance Report

Individual product reports are accessed via the Inventory page. To get there, click Inventory under your Brand on the LeafLink navigation panel.

On the Inventory page, click ellipsis-icon.png next to a product you’d like to view and click Performance.

Here, you’ll find various info about the chosen product's performance. Use the buttons in the top-right corner to filter the information available by the following date ranges:

  • 1 Month
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year
  • Lifetime

Available Reports

Here’s an overview of what each chart on this page covers:

  1. Total Gross - Dollar amount sold
  2. Total Quantity Sold - Units sold
  3. Ranking Product - How well this product performs compared to other items available on your menu
  4. % of all Sales - Based on product dollar sales volume
  5. Available - Quantity available in your menu
  6. Reserved - Quantity reserved in your menu
  7. Total - Total quantity in your inventory
  8. Monthly Sales Breakdown - Bar graph representing dollar amount sold over time
    • Daily stats are shown if 1 Month is the selected time range, otherwise Month-over-Month stats are shown.
  9. Retailer Breakdown - Retailers who've placed orders for this product along with Quantity, License Type, and Total ($)
  10. Previous Customers Who Haven’t Ordered - Retailers who've placed orders for this product in the past and when their last order was placed.
  11. Orders Containing Product by Rep - Amount of orders including the selected product and your sales reps the orders were attributed to.
  12. Sample Requests - Sample requests placed by Retailers for this product along with their status.

bulb.png Note: Each graph represents data in the time range as selected on the top-right of the screen. If you're seeing info that looks off, double-check you have the correct date range selected.

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