Sales Dashboard


The Sales Dashboard provides an overview of various metrics regarding your orders on LeafLink. To get there, click Sales Dashboard under your Brand in the LeafLink navigation panel.

The information on this page is separated by tables. Here's an overview of what each represent:

  1. Total Sales - The total dollar amount and number of orders associated with your orders since joining LeafLink. This information is broken down even further in the following tables:
    • Past 30 Days
    • Month to Date
    • Past 24 Hours
  2. Orders - Month-over-Month graph representing number of orders and dollar amount.
  3. Top Ordering Clients - Your customers sorted by dollar amount spent.
  4. Top Selling Products - Your products sorted by dollar amount sold including quantity ordered.
  5. Recent Orders - Your orders sorted by most recently placed including Order #, Client, Status, and Total.
  6. Top Accounts up for Reorder - Your customers sorted by length of time since last order including total number of orders placed.
  7. Top Sales Representatives - Your sales representatives sorted by total dollar amount sold Year-to-date (YTD) including the full name of each rep.

Access more detailed reports for your sales team's activity by clicking View Full Summary in the Top Sales Representatives table.

Customize the data in your report by entering a start and end date, then clicking Run Report. Your report includes the following information:

  1. Team Sales - Line graph of orders sold by each sales representative over time.
  2. Team Sales Summary - Dollar amount of orders sold by your sales representatives by Today, Yesterday, current month, and current year.
  3. Heatmap - Visual representation of sales representatives and products sorted by quantity sold.
  4. Products Sold by Sales Reps - Your products sorted by quantity sold including totals for quantity sold per sales representative.

bulb.png Note: Click the up arrow to the right of any table name to collapse it. Click the down arrow to expand.

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