Managing Payments


Track the status of your retailers' payments, allowing your team to more easily follow up on late payments and keep Accounts Receivable low.

Enabling Payment Tracking

Enable Payment Tracking by clicking Account Settings under the Settings dropdown in the LeafLink navigation panel. Once on the Account Settings page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Orders section near the top of the screen
  2. Click the checkbox next to Show “Mark as Paid”
  3. Click Save


After a retailer places an order for your brand, the order and its payment status are displayed on the Orders Received page.

Payment Status

The Paid column on the Orders Received page displays information about the payment status of an order:

  • No or Partial Payment: Orders with a remaining balance (whether it be the full amount or partial amount) display the total due amount in red.
  • Paid in Full: Orders that have been paid in full display a green dollar sign.

The total dollar amount for an order is displayed in the Amount column, regardless of payment status.

Marking Orders as Paid

From Orders Received

To mark an order as paid from the Orders Received page, click the red dollar amount in the Paid column. This prompts the Mark Order as Paid window.

For orders that have been fully paid:

  1. This order was paid in full - Check this box to denote that an order has been fully paid.
  2. Payment Date - Select the date this order was paid.
  3. Payment Type - Select between Cash, Check, Credit, Trade, and Other.

For orders that have been partially paid:

  1. Amount Paid - Enter the amount paid for this order. Enter negative numbers for credits, refunds or bounced payments
  2. Last Payment Date - Select the last date a payment was received for this order.
  3. Payment Type - Select between Cash, Check, Credit, Trade, and Other.


From Order Summary

To mark an order as paid from the Order Summary page, click the Actions drop-down and select Payments. This navigates to the Order Payment History page for the selected order. From here, enter payment details in the Submit Payment section.

This page includes a Reason text input field not found in the Mark Order as Paid window described above. Enter additional information about a payment here (optional).

To navigate to the Order Payment History page from Orders Received, click ellipsis-icon.pngnext to an order, then click Payments.

Tracking Accounts Receivable

Use the Accounts Receivable Report to see a full list of the all outstanding payments owed by your customers. To navigate to this report, click Reports in the LeafLink navigation panel and click on the Accounts Receivable report in the Sales Reports section.

Learn more about the Accounts Receivable Report here.

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