Accepting or Rejecting an Order


An organic or manual order placed on LeafLink for your brand will enter your Orders Received in the Submitted state. This gives you the opportunity to review and edit the order before accepting or rejecting it.

We strongly recommend that, at a minimum, you mark all of your Submitted orders as Accepted. The retailer will be able to see that you accepted the order from within their LeafLink account, which will give them confidence that their order will be fulfilled by your team.

How to Mark an Order as Accepted or Rejected

All of your orders can be accessed via Orders Received in the LeafLink navigation panel. You can search for a specific order by using the Order ID or Customer search bars.

Before accepting or rejecting the order, we recommend reviewing the order by clicking the order ID or by clicking the vertical ellipsis next to the order and selecting View. If you’d like, you can edit your order before accepting or rejecting the order. For more info about editing an order, go here.

Once you are certain you would like to accept or reject the order, follow these steps:

  1. Click ellipsis-icon.png next to the order.
  2. Click Accepted or Rejected.

If an organic order (created by the retailer) is Accepted or Rejected - the retailer will receive a notification via email that their order was accepted or rejected. It will also appear as Accepted in their Orders Sent in LeafLink.

If a manual order (created by your team) is Accepted or Rejected - it will only send an email notification if you have selected this option in Settings. Otherwise, it will only appear in their Orders Sent.

bulb.png Note: When you mark an order Accepted, you cannot move the order back to Submitted. However, you will still be able to edit or reject the order in the Accepted state.



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