Editing an Order


You may edit an order in any state other than Rejected or Cancelled. However, in the Fulfilled, Shipped, or Completed states, your edits will not affect your inventory. This means that you would need to update your product availability manually after editing the order, if it indeed affects your inventory. Therefore, it is recommended that you make any edits to an order before you move it from Submitted to Accepted.

How to Edit an Order

  1. Scroll to the order you’d like to edit, and click the vertical ellipsis to the left. Select View.
  2. On the Order Summary page, select Actions in the top right corner. Then, choose Edit Order.
  3. You may edit the quantity, notes, price, or sales price of a product already included in the order by clicking the edit icon to the left of the order. To save your work, hit Enter or click the check next to each field.
  4. To stop editing a product, click the edit icon again.
  5. To remove a product from the order completely, click the trash icon to the left.
  6. To add more products to the order, click Add a Product follow the same steps you would when creating a manual order. Learn more here.
  7. Click Save Changes.


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