Order Statuses


Orders on LeafLink go through various statuses from Submitted all the way through to Completed.

To check the status of an order, click Orders Received under your Brand in the LeafLink navigation panel.

On the Orders Received screen, the Status column represents the current status of each order.

Here's an overview of each order status:

  1. Submitted: The retailer placed an order for your brand on LeafLink.
  2. Accepted: You have accepted an order submitted by a retailer or you entered a new manual order for the retailer.
  3. Backorder: The items in this order were on backorder at the time of purchase and will be accepted once they are back in stock.
  4. Fulfilled: The order has been picked, packed, and staged for delivery.
  5. Shipped: The product has been sent out for delivery and is no longer in the facility.
  6. Completed: The retailer has received the order.
  7. Cancelled: The retailer has chosen to cancel their order.
  8. Rejected: You have chosen to cancel the order.

Only retailers can Submit or Cancel an order, but as a brand, you can change the order status as it moves through your facility to the customer. Read on to learn how to change the order status at each stage of fulfillment.

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