What is Customer Relationship Management?


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for organizing your customers and contacts in a way that you can analyze your outreach and optimize it for increased sales. While customer relationship management tools are common, LeafLink’s CRM is unique in that it automatically pairs your customer records with their LeafLink order history, allowing you to gain deeper insights into how to more strategically sell to that client. Similarly, if new customers shop or inquire about your brand on LeafLink, they will automatically appear in your CRM.

LeafLink has its own CRM built specifically for B2B wholesale cannabis. The Customers and Contacts tools are the core elements of your LeafLink CRM. Using them, you can plan, record, and report on all activities related to a specific customer.

You can also use LeafLink’s Reports and Customer Insights, which will give you deeper analytics into how to best sell to your customers. Your LeafLink CRM will be most powerful when all of your orders are recorded in LeafLink, whether placed by the customer or manually entered by a sales representative. That way, LeafLink’s Reports and Customer Insights will be complete, accurate, and actionable for your team.

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