LeafLink’s Reports harness your customers’ order data and your team’s reported sales activities to give you insights into how to grow and optimize your business. The more information you input into LeafLink, the more accurate and powerful your reports will be.

To view your available reports on LeafLink, navigate to the Reports tab on the left-hand navigation bar. The reports are organized into General, Sales, and Inventory reports. Sales reports are most useful for examining your Sales team’s activity and performance, and Inventory reports are most helpful for your fulfillment team to understand production needs. When you’re getting started on LeafLink, we recommend checking out a few of our most popular reports, including:

  • Orders Report: Our most popular report, which gives a detailed summary of all of your orders on LeafLink.
  • Team Sales Report: Compare your sales representatives’ performance by order volume and by product sold.
  • Products Sold Report: View the amount of products sold within a certain timeframe.
  • Sales Representative Activity Report: View a stream of your sales team’s activities by rep or as a whole.

All of LeafLink’s reports are exportable, so you can run them for the dates you’d like to see (if applicable) and click the Export Report button in the top right-hand corner.

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