Managing Inventory


Managing your product inventory on LeafLink provides a number of advantages for your team:

  • Track reserved product
  • Prevent overselling
  • Better plan production based on demand

If you elect to have your products Managed or Inherited in their Inventory Management settings (found in Edit Product), you can manage your inventory on LeafLink. This means that when retailers order your products on LeafLink (or you enter a manual order on their behalf), LeafLink will automatically reserve that inventory for your customer. Once you mark the order as fulfilled on LeafLink, it will remove that inventory completely.

How to Set Up Products for Inventory Management

If you have your inventory set to Managed or Inherited, your inventory will automatically update as you receive both organic and manual orders. If you have Unmanaged inventory, your inventory will not be updated.

Inherited inventory is specifically designed for flower. It is best used when a product's varieties "borrow" inventory from the parent product. For example, you might have 5 pounds of flower (the parent product) that you package into various sizes (the varieties).

To set a product to Managed or Inherited, click Inventory in the LeafLink navigation panel. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click ellipsis-icon.png to the left of the product. Select Edit.
  2. Under Product Inventory Information, select Managed or Inherited from the drop-down. Inherited will only be available if This Product Has Varieties is selected above.
  3. Click Save.

Once inventory is Managed or Inherited, Product Visibility Settings will become visible on Edit Product. If you’d like, you can choose to:

  1. Select the Show Inventory to Buyers checkbox to display the available quantity to retailers on your menu.
  2. Set an Available Threshold Value and select to move products to Backorder when Inventory reaches that quantity. This will automatically separate orders for that product, which can be fulfilled once its back in stock.
  3. Set an Available Threshold Value and select to move products to Unavailable when Inventory reaches that quantity. This means the product will no longer appear to retailers on your menu.

How to Track Inventory

On the Inventory page, each product has an Inventory quantity. If Unmanaged, it will show an infinity symbol. If Managed or Inherited, it will display the total amount of inventory you have. This includes both your “unclaimed” inventory and your reserved inventory, which has been ordered by a customer but has not yet been fulfilled. In other words, Reserved is the amount of your inventory that is still available on your “shelf” but is claimed by a customer in an order, and will later be used to fulfill their order.

How to Restock Your Inventory

If managing your inventory on LeafLink, it’s important to keep your inventory quantity up to date.

Restocking from Inventory

To restock your inventory, click Inventory in the LeafLink navigation panel. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click Restock to the right of the product.
  2. In the model, enter the amount of items you’d like to add to the inventory in the Increase by field. This is for products that are "Managed" Inventory. The Current Inventory plus the increased amount should equal the physical quantity that is in your inventory.
  3. Click Update to save your changes. The inventory for the product will now reflect your new total.

Restocking from Edit Product

Another way to update your inventory is from Edit Product. To edit the product, click the vertical ellipsis to the left of product you'd like to update and select Edit. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to the section labeled Product Inventory Information. From there, you can change your product's inventory. The number you enter should reflect your total physical inventory, including reserved. You are not adding inventory, but instead writing the new total.
  2. Click Save. The inventory for the product in Inventory will now reflect your new total.

Using Inventory Reports

Managing your inventory on LeafLink will populate your Reports with helpful information that will help your team track, manage, and plan inventory for your products.

To view your Inventory reports, click Reports in the LeafLink navigation panel and scroll to the Inventory Reports section.

The Inventory Overview, Product Line Status, and Reserved Inventory reports will give you different views of your remaining inventory based on orders and their status. The Backorder report will show you the total number of backorders for each product.

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