Go-Live Checklist


The goal of LeafLink on-boarding is to take your menu live on the platform. Once your menu is live, retailers can shop and place orders for your products and your team can start entering manual orders.

Before taking your menu live, your Client Experience Manager will review your account for completeness using the items listed here:

  1. Choose your LeafLink settings
    • Your company profile has a logo, description, and address
    • Your email notification preferences have been selected
    • Your brand profile has a logo, banner, and description
  2. Build your LeafLink menu and set your inventory
    • Your menu has products added with pricing, descriptions, and photos
  3. Add your customer list to LeafLink
    • Your customer list CSV has been submitted to LeafLink’s team for upload

This Getting Started guide takes you through all three steps of on-boarding and ensures you’re able to check off every item on the Go-Live Checklist

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