Brand Introduction to LeafLink


LeafLink is the largest online marketplace for wholesale cannabis. We’re excited to have you join our powerful network of more than 600 brands and 2,000 retailers using LeafLink to streamline their wholesale ordering. With our platform, you’ll offer retailers a delightful B2B shopping experience, optimize order management, track and manage customer relationships, and better understand how to grow your business through in-depth reporting.

This Getting Started guide walks you through the two main components of successfully launching your brand on LeafLink:

  • On-boarding: Everything you need to prepare your brand to go-live on LeafLink. This includes building your company profile, creating your menu, and uploading your customer contacts. Keep track of your progress with our go-live checklist.

  • New User Guide: Shows you the ropes of using your new LeafLink account. Including managing orders from submitted to shipped, tracking customer relationships and activity, as well as using reports.

In addition to this guide, your Client Experience Manager is available to help walk you through on-boarding and providing full platform training. This Getting Started guide can be used as a handy reference to supplement your personalized on-boarding experience.

For a deeper dive into LeafLink functionality, explore our Knowledge Base or request training from your Client Experience Manager.

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