Setting Up Your Account


During the on-boarding process, review and edit your Company settings following these steps:

  1. Select your account preferences in Account Settings
  2. Add your team members as users on LeafLink in Manage Users
  3. Market your brand to retailers by creating a Brand Profile in Manage Brands

1. Select Your Account Settings

Configuring your Account Settings allows you to create a customer-facing profile and set your order preferences.

To get started, click Account Settings under your Brand in the LeafLink navigation panel. Here, use the progress bar at the top of the screen to navigate through each step.

bulb.png Note: Be sure to click Save before advancing through the steps, or you might lose any information entered.

Company Information - Details entered here are displayed to your customer so they can learn about your company 

  1. Company Name & DBA - These fields are automatically populated based on the info entered when signing up for LeafLink. If you’d like to change either of these fields, contact your Client Experience representative at
  2. Website - Enter the URL for your company's website for customers to visit.
  3. Description - Enter text here to describe your company. If you have more than one brand, this should describe the parent company or distributor. If you have one brand, this can describe your sole brand.
  4. Address - Enter the address for your company here. You can choose to display your address to customers or keep it hidden.
  5. Logo - Add your company logo which is displayed on your Company Overview page. If you have more than one brand, this should be your company or distributor logo. Images appear best on LeafLink at 268x228 and files under 200kb.
  6. Limit CRM State - Select this option to only add customers within your home state.


Invoices - Accounts Payable information for your Company's Medical and/or Adult Use orders.
If not entered, the default Company name and address will be used. The information here appears on your customers' invoices on LeafLink.

Orders - Select your company’s order preferences, including minimum order quantity. By default, Separate Orders by Brand, Auto Increment Order IDs, and Show “Mark as Paid” should be selected.

  1. Separate Orders By Brand - Select this to have your orders separated by the different brands in your order.
  2. Auto Increment Order IDs - Your internal order IDs will automatically increment by 1.
  3. Show "Mark as Paid" - Enables marking invoices as paid. Displays in your invoice and order summary views, as well as in order reports and exports. 
  4. Order Minimum - Minimum total dollar amount per order. You can set this to zero to not have a minimum. This setting does not prevent orders, but notifies your sales rep(s).
  5. Order Disclaimer - A note displayed to customers on each order you receive.
  6. Order Invoice Footer Copy - Enter a message to display on the footer of your invoices. Defaults to "Thank you for your business!" if left blank.


Email Notifications - Set preferences for emails sent to members of your team during various stages of the order process.

  1. New Order Email Notification - Email addresses listed here receive an email when new orders are made by an account.
    • You have the option to check the box under this field so emails will only be sent to the address listed if no sales rep is assigned to a customer account.
  2. Order Accepted Email Notification - Email addresses listed here receive an email when orders are accepted. Helpful for notifying fulfillment and other teams who share an email inbox.
  3. Enable Manual Order Email Notifications - Enable email notifications for manual orders. All emails that are normally sent for orders placed on LeafLink will also be sent for manual orders.


2. Adding Users to Your Account on LeafLink

Setup profiles for members of your team on LeafLink and assign their permissions based on their roles. There's no charge for adding users, and you can have up to 25 on your account.

To get started, click Manage Users under Settings under your Brand in the LeafLink navigation panel.

On the Manage Users screen, click the Add Users dropdown and select Create New or Invite Existing.

Create New

Select Create New if the user you're adding isn't on LeafLink yet. This navigates to the Create a New User page. Here, add the user’s information and select which permissions to apply to their account. Once finished, click Add User.

bulb.png Note: Usernames must be unique on LeafLink. Choosing a username that is already taken by another member of LeafLink will trigger an error message.

Invite Existing

Select Invite Existing if the user you're adding is already on LeafLink. This navigates to the Locate an Existing User page. To lookup and add existing LeafLink users on this page, follow these steps:

  1. Enter an email address or username in the Search by Email or Username box and click Search.
  2. Select the appropriate user from the search results.
  3. Click Invite User.


bulb.png Note: An email confirmation is sent to new and existing users when adding them to your store.

Editing an Existing User

To change details or permissions for a user already associated with your LeafLink account, follow these steps from the Manage Users page:

  1. Click edit-icon.png to the right of the user.
  2. Check or uncheck each item you wish to change.
  3. Click Save.



User Permissions

User Permissions determine how members of your team can use LeafLink:

  • Can Manage Customers & Contacts: The user can create manual orders on behalf of customers and use LeafLink’s customer relationship management tools 
    • Recommended staff permissions: Sales team.
  • Can Manage Inventory: The user can create, edit, and archive products. They can view Manage Menu
  • Can Manage Orders Received: The user can see all of a brand’s orders and use all of the functionality in the Orders Received tab, including changing order statuses and viewing invoices
  • Can Manage Fulfillment: The user has access to the Fulfillment Queue and Shipment Queue. 
    • Recommended staff permissions: Fulfillment team
  • Can Access Sales Reports: The user can view all of the reports available in the Reports tab
  • Can Manage Billing: The user can update a brand’s billing information
  • Can Export CRM: The user can export the company’s Customer list and Contacts list into a CSV

3. Creating Your Brand Profile

Creating a Brand Profile provides your customers with further information about your Brand.

To get started, click Manage Brands under Settings in the LeafLink navigation panel.

From here, select Edit under your Brand. We recommend filling out every field on the following page to complete your profile. Here's a rundown of what you'll find on this screen:

  1. Brand Name - These fields are automatically populated based on the info entered when signing up for LeafLink. If you’d like to change either of these fields, contact your Client Experience representative at
  2. Brand Website - Enter the URL for your brand's website for customers to visit.
  3. Tagline - Enter a short tagline displayed next to your Brand on the Shop Brands page for your customers.
  4. Brand Announcement - Enter a Brand Announcement to appear on your brand menu and to be used when communicating important messages to your customers (i.e. “Accepting orders for 4/20 until 4/12 at 5 pm PST”).
  5. Brand Phone - Enter the phone number for your Brand.
  6. Enable Public Menu - Generates a webpage of your products viewable by individuals not signed in on LeafLink. Your menu is abridged and prices are not shown. Visitors to this page are prompted to login on LeafLink to view your full menu.
  7. Description - Enter text here to describe your Brand, if different from your company description.
  8. Logo - Upload a logo for your Brand here (required).
  9. Brand Banner - Upload a photo to appear on your Brand Profile. Recommended image size is 1200x340 in either PNG or JPG formats.
  10. Social Media Handles - Add URLs for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles here.

Click Save Changes for a preview of your updated profile as it appears to your customers on LeafLink.


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