Using LeafLink’s Reports


LeafLink provides a range of reporting tools to measure your business. To get started, click Reports on the LeafLink navigation panel.

There are a number of reports available on this page. Find a brief overview of each report below:

General Reports


A list all of your orders that have been processed through LeafLink. Keep track of your order history and export them for easy manipulation in a spreadsheet.

Products Sold

A list of your company's products and quantity sold on LeafLink.


Provides a shareable link to invite your customers to signup for LeafLink. To refer a Retailer:

  • Copy your Referral Link and send it to a Retailer.
  • Retailers can use your link to signup for LeafLink.
  • After placing their first order, you'll receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Find a list of all Retailers you've referred at the bottom of this page.

Customers Locations Visualization

An interactive map displaying location information for your customers. Click a map pin for that Retailer's store name, address, and phone number (if available).

Order Status

Generates a summary of all order statuses. Use this Report for a visualization displaying your Orders by Order Status. Click any of the statuses above the pie chart to show/hide that status. 

Downloaded Reports

This page allows you to find and access all Reports that were exported from LeafLink by members of your team. Click here to learn more about the Downloaded Reports page.

Sales Reports

Team Sales

Provides statistics for each member of your sales team. Find more info about the graphs on this page here.

Sales Representative Activity

Information about each of your sales rep's activity including outreach info like Calls, Emails, Texts, etc.

Find more info about tracking Activity here.

Sales Representative Task

Information about each of your sales rep's tasks. Find more info about Tasks here.

Sales Representative Activity Feed

Provides a chronological report of Activities by your team.

Customer Last Order

A summary of customers and the last time they placed an order. Orders that have been Rejected or Cancelled are not factored into these reports.

Customer Value

A list of your customers along with the number of orders placed and dollar amount spent.

Store Sales Breakdown

Your customers and the orders they've placed broken down by product name, product line, and SKU number.

Customer Without Order

Your customers who do not have any orders placed on LeafLink. Can be filtered by only customers who have requested samples.

Accounts Receivable

A list of unfulfilled orders along with their Amount Due, Date, Customer name, Order No., Payment Term, and Amount Paid (if any). Click the dollar icon next to an order to view that order's payment details.

Inventory Reports

Inventory Overview

A summary of products that are low on inventory based on recent sales activity.

Product Line Status

A summary on your inventory across product lines. Broken down by Product Line, Stock Remaining, Stock Breakdown by Unit Denomination.

Order Status

Graphs representing your orders broken down by status. Helpful for visualizing orders that may require further attention to be completed.


Product name and quantity for products in your inventory that are backordered.

Reserved Inventory

A summary of active product quantities that are available and reserved.

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