Creating a Manual Order


To save you and your customer time, we recommend asking your retailer to place their order from you on LeafLink directly; however, you may also create a manual order for them. It will enter the same order flow as an organic order from a retailer, with the exception that it will automatically be added to your Orders Received queue in the Accepted state (rather than Submitted).

How to Create a Manual Order

To create a new order, click on Customers in the LeafLink navigation panel. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Use the search bar to find the retailer for whom you’d like to create an order.
  2. Click ellipsis-icon.png to the left of the customer name and select Create Order.
  3. Search for the name of product you would like to add to the order. Click the product name when it appears.
    • Note: To shorten the list of products that appear, you can filter it using the Filter by Product Line dropdown.
  4. The price that you set for this product in Inventory will automatically appear in the Price field. If the product is discounted for the customer, you can enter the special price in the Sale Price field.
  5. Enter the quantity of products in the Qty field.
  6. Click Add to Order.
  7. Repeat these steps for each of the products you’d like to add to the order.
  8. By default, products in the order are listed in alphabetical order. You can customize the listing order by clicking Custom. Then, use the drag icon to move the items up and down the list
  9. You can add a discount to the full order by entering the discount amount in the Discount field. Use the dropdown to change it from a percentage discount to a dollar discount.
  10. Add Order Notes to the order if you’d like your team and your retailer to see them. (You can add internal notes for only your team once the order is created in Order Summary).
  11. Click Create Order.

If the product you are adding is a sample - Follow the steps in our article here.

If the product you are adding is backordered - Check the Backorder checkbox. It will separate that item into its own order automatically. You can then fulfill that order separately when the item is back in stock.

Once the order is created, you can review the Order Summary. The order will also appear in Orders Received.

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