Adding & Editing Customers


Your Customers tab contains all of your retailers’ information, including their contact information, their order and sample history, their LeafLink Customer Insights, and your logged sales activities with the account. 

There are two ways that Customers are created in LeafLink:

  1. Retailers are added to Customers organically as they interact with your brand.
    • Place an order for your brand
    • Request a sample
    • Asked to be sent more information about your brand with an Interested Retailer request
    • Send you a message
    • If the retailer already exists in your Customers, these activities will appear in their Customer Overview (as long as their license number on LeafLink matches the one you entered).
  2. The Customer is added to your account manually by a member of your team.

If a Retailer does not yet exist in your Customers, you can add them manually.

How to Add Customers

When you onboarded with LeafLink, you had an option to add Customers to LeafLink via a CSV upload. If you are still onboarding and would like to add Customers using that method, read this article.

If you are live on LeafLink, you can add new Customers manually.

To add or edit a Customer, click Customers in the LeafLink navigation panel. In the top right corner of the Customers page, click Add a Customer.

As you’ll see, you can fill out as much information about the customer that you’d like. At a minimum, we recommend filling out the following fields at a minimum:

  • Company Name
  • License Number: This will allow your organic and manual orders to sync with the same customer.
  • License Type: This will determine the types of products your customer can order from you.
    • Ensure that the license number aligns with the retailer’s state-issued retail license number. License numbers serve as the retailer’s unique identifier on LeafLink and associates their orders with the corresponding customer in your account
  • Address, City, State, Zip code
  • Payment Terms
  • Sales Representative: This specifies your company’s sales representative assigned to this account, and will appear in your LeafLink sales reports.
  • Customer Status: You can create and manage your own Statuses on LeafLink. For example, you may want to specify customers as Customer, Lead, and Prospect.

When you’re finished, click Save Changes. The retailer will now appear in your Customers tab.

How to Edit a Customer

To edit a customer, go to the Customers tab and click on the vertical ellipsis next to the retailer you’d like to edit.

Alternatively, go to the customer’s Customer Overview and select Edit Customer in the top right corner of the page.

You can change any of the information on the page that you’d like. Then, click Save Changes.

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