After configuring your Settings during initial on-boarding, there may be times you'll want to revisit your settings to edit your company info, add/edit users, and lots more.

To get started, click Settings under your Brand in the LeafLink navigation panel. From here, choose one of the following:

  • Account Settings - Access and edit information regarding your Company Information, Invoices, Orders, and Email Notifications.
  • Manage Users - Access and edit Active and Deactivated users and their permissions.
  • Manage Licenses - Access and edit License information.
  • Manage Brands - Access and edit Brand information, if applicable to your account.
  • Billing - Access and edit Billing information for your account.

Find full details and steps for configuring each category here.

bulb.png Note: If you're not seeing one of the above categories under Settings, your permission level may prohibit you from seeing them. Please contact the Admin of your LeafLink account or contact us at

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