1. Settings


After configuring your Settings during initial on-boarding, there may be times you'll want to revisit your settings to edit your company info, add/edit users, and lots more.

To get started, click Settings under your Brand in the LeafLink navigation panel. From here, choose one of the following:

  • Account Settings - Access and edit information regarding your Company Information, Invoices, Orders, and Email Notifications.
  • Manage Users - Access and edit Active and Deactivated users and their permissions.
  • Manage Licenses - Access and edit License information.
  • Manage Brands - Access and edit Brand information, if applicable to your account.
  • Billing - Access and edit Billing information for your account.

Find full details and steps for configuring each category here.

bulb.png Note: If you're not seeing one of the above categories under Settings, your permission level may prohibit you from seeing them. Please contact the Admin of your LeafLink account or contact us at support@leaflink.com.

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