Sharing LeafLink with Retailers


One of LeafLink’s primary benefits is that when your retailers place orders for you on LeafLink, it saves both you and your customers time. Your sales representatives can spend less time taking orders and more time selling and building relationships with customers. When you go live on LeafLink, it’s important to tell your retailers that they can start shopping from you on our platform so that you can start streamlining your orders.

LeafLink offers a number of ways to share that you’re on LeafLink. Not only can you announce your launch to your customers, but we also promote your go-live to our members.


Every brand on LeafLink receives the following marketing opportunities when they go live.

Dashboard Announcement: When your brand goes live on LeafLink, an announcement is automatically posted to our main dashboard, letting retailers know your products are now available to shop on LeafLink.

Instagram Announcement: Receive a complimentary post to LeafLink’s Instagram page in the weeks following your go-live date.

Shareable Links: We provide custom links that you can use to share LeafLink with existing and future members.

  • Referral Link
    • Ex:
    • Use When: You want to sign up a new LeafLink retailer. When a retailer signs up with your link and places an order for your brand, you’ll get a $50 Amazon gift card.
      Learn more about LeafLink’s referral program here.
  • Public Menu Link
    • Ex:
    • Use When: You want to share your LeafLink menu with a retailer, whether or not they’ve joined LeafLink. Retailers will see a menu preview and be prompted to sign in or sign up. (Note: To use this, you must enable your public menu in LeafLink.)
  • Company Profile Link
    • Ex:
    • Use When: Your company distributes multiple brands. Once logged in, it will take a LeafLink retailer to your Company Profile, where they they can click through to any one of your brand menus.

Upon Request

If you’d like to go a step further in letting your retailers know on LeafLink, you can request any of the following materials from our Marketing team at We’ll custom-make them for you free of charge.

  • Retailer Flyers
    • Great for: Signing up new retailers
    • How to Use: A leave-behind to remind retailers to sign up & shop with your referral link
  • Shipping Flyers
    • Great for: Signing up new retailers
    • How to Use: Insert into packages shipped to retailers, encouraging them to order next time on LeafLink.

How to Request: Email with the subject line "Flyers". Send your logo and specify if you’d like retailer flyers, shipping flyers, or both.

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