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Adding your Customers to LeafLink allows you to track relationships, information, sales activity, and order history all in one place. You can upload your Customers to LeafLink manually or by using a spreadsheet. Find an outline for both methods below.

1. Adding Your Customers via CSV Upload

If you already have a list of customers, add them to LeafLink by filling out and sending this .CSV file to your Client Experience Manager.

To ensure your customer information uploads properly, please enter information into the .CSV file with the following guidelines in mind:

  • License numbers should not contain duplicates.
  • Customer_State field must be filled out with the Customer's state (i.e. CO or Colorado).
  • Unicode characters (!, ?, ", etc) are not permitted.
  • Contact_First_Name and Contact_Last_Name must be under 30 characters.
  • Customer_Status must correspond with an existing Customer Status and the Rep_First_Name and Rep_Last_Name must correspond with an existing user on LeafLink.
    • To add a status, view these instructions.
    • To add a user, see this earlier Getting Started article.

Email your completed .CSV file to your Client Experience Manager who will review its formatting and upload it for you.

2. Manually Adding Your Customers & Contacts to LeafLink

To add Customers to your account manually, click Customers under your Brand in the LeafLink navigation panel.

Here, click Add a Customer in the top-right corner of the screen.

On the Add a Customer page, enter the following information about your Customer:

  1. Company Name - Enter the Company name for your Customer here.
  2. Company Nickname - Enter a nickname for the Company here.
  3. External ID - If applicable, enter an external ID you use for this Customer here.
  4. License Number - Enter your Customer's License number here to allow organic and manual orders to sync to the same Customer account.
  5. License Type - Enter the License type here to determine which products your Customer can order.
  6. UBI/Business Identifier - Enter any applicable information here. Not required outside WA.
  7. Description -Enter a description here
  8. Location and Contact Info - Enter the address, phone number, email address, and any special directions for your Customer here.
  9. Customer Management - Enter preferences for payments, shipping, pricing, and other instructions here.
    • Payment Term - Select a payment option from the dropdown here.
    • Shipping Charge - Enter any applicable shipping charge here.
    • Discount - Enter any applicable discounts here.
    • Sales Representative - Select a user profile from the dropdown here to assign that user as a sales rep for this Customer. This information will appear in your sales reports.
    • Customer Status - Select a status from the dropdown here (e.g. Customer, Lead, Prospect). Click the link under the dropdown to manage your Customer statuses. 
    • Tier - Select a tier for this Customer here.
    • Price Schedule - Select a price schedule from the dropdown here.
    • Service Zone - Select a service zone from the dropdown here. Click the link under the dropdown to add or manage service zones.
    • Archived - Check the box here to archive this Customer.
    • Delinquent - Check the box here to mark this Customer as behind on payments.
    • Next Contact Date - Select a date here to set a next contact date for this Customer.
    • Customer Notes - Enter any applicable notes for this Customer here.
    • Delivery Preferences - Enter any applicable delivery preferences for this Customer here.

Click Save at the bottom of the page when finished filling out all the desired fields. This brings you to the Customer Profile.

Adding a Contact

After creating a Customer Profile, we recommend creating a Contact associated with this Customer (e.g. a Purchasing Manager). From the Customer Profile page, click Create Contact.  

On this page, enter the following information:

  1. Contact's Companies - This field auto-populates with the Company info from the previous step. This field can also be left blank if preferred.
  2. First and Last Name - First name is required, last name is optional.
  3. Position - Enter the Contact's position here.
  4. Email and Secondary Email - Enter email information here.
  5. Phone and Secondary Phone - Enter phone number information here.
  6. Description - Enter a description here.

After entering all the desired information, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

bulb.png Note: Contact details here do not need to correspond with an existing user on LeafLink and is primarily for your records.


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