How to Shop and Browse Products


There are two main ways to shop on LeafLink:

  • Shop Brands - Ideal for quick and easy ordering by brand
  • Browse Products - Helpful when searching for a specific type of product (i.e. “1:1” or “gummies”)

Most retailers on LeafLink use Shop Brands for their weekly ordering.

How to Shop Brands

The Shop Brands page displays a list of brands you can order from based on your license type. To get there, click Shop Brands under your Store in the LeafLink navigation panel.

There are a few ways you can interact with brands on this page:

  1. Shopping a Brand's Menu - Click shop-icon.png to the right of a brand name to visit a brand's menu. Here, you’ll see a full list of products and pricing for quick and easy ordering. Click a product name to view further information. 
  2. Learn More about a Brand - Clicking a brand name brings you to the Brand Profile screen. Here, you'll find more information about the brand like their website, address, and license number(s).
  3. Learn More about a Brand's Distributor - If a brand is sold by a distributor, find more info about that distributor by clicking the name next to "Sold by" under the brand name.
  4. Search and Filter products - Use Search Brands, Filter by Category, and All Brands to filter the results shown on this screen.


Once you’ve found a brand you want to order from, head over to How to Order on LeafLink for more information about placing wholesale orders. When trying a new brand for the first time, try Requesting a Sample or Sending a Message to ask questions about their products before ordering.

How to Browse Products

The Browse Products page displays a list of products you can order based on your license type. To get there, click Browse Products under your Store in the LeafLink navigation panel.

There are a few ways you can interact with products on this page:

  1. Search by Item or Brand - Display products by a particular item or brand name here by typing in your desired search query and hitting enter.
  2. Filter by Category - Display products of a single category by clicking a product type here.
  3. Add Products to Your Cart - Hover over a product image, enter your desired quantity, then click Add to Cart.
  4. Learn More About a Product - Hover over a product image and click View Product. This takes you to the Product Detail screen for that product.



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