Retailer Introduction to LeafLink


LeafLink is the largest online marketplace for wholesale cannabis. We’re honored to welcome you to our powerful network of more than 500 brands and 2,000 retailers using LeafLink to streamline their wholesale ordering. We help you shop the brands you love while discovering new ones joining the platform every day.

In this Getting Started guide, we’ll give you the tools you need to place, track, and analyze orders on LeafLink. You’ll learn the following:

  • How to Shop: Find familiar brands and discover new ones to shop, request samples, and message brands to learn more about their products.
  • How to Place & Track Orders: Place and review orders, track their status, and analyze your ordering patterns.
  • How to Manage Your Account: Update your LeafLink profile with a new address or license and add new users to your account.

We’re excited for you to get started on your LeafLink journey! In addition to this guide, you have a dedicated team at LeafLink to support you. Your Retailer Engagement Specialist is available to chat about the brands and functionality you’d love to see on LeafLink, and our Client Support team can assist with your technical needs. 

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