Adding or Editing a User & Permissions


Add users to your LeafLink account to give purchasing managers, budtenders, or store owners access to your store. Up to 25 users can be added to each store in your LeafLink account.

bulb.png Note: We recommend adding at least two users per account in case one of you leaves your position at the store. That way, we can ensure the account remains active for the next user.

To add or edit a user in your LeafLink account, click Manage Users under Settings for your store in the LeafLink navigation panel.


This navigates to the Manage Users page. To add a user to your account, select either Create New or Invite Existing from the Add Users drop-down in the top-right corner of the screen.


Create New

Select Create New if the user you're adding isn't on LeafLink yet. This navigates to the Create a New User page. Here, add the user’s information and select which permissions to apply to their account. We recommend that each user has Can Purchase on LeafLink and Can Manage Orders Sent selected.

Once finished, click Add User.


bulb.png Note: Usernames must be unique on LeafLink. Choosing a username that is already taken by another member of LeafLink will trigger an error message.

Inviting Existing

Select Invite Existing if the user you're adding is already on LeafLink. This navigates to the Locate an Existing User page. To lookup and add existing LeafLink users on this page, follow these steps:

  1. Enter an email address or username in the Search by Email or Username box and click Search
  2. Select the appropriate user from the search results
  3. Click Invite User


bulb.png Note: An email confirmation is sent to new and existing users when adding them to your store.

Editing an Existing User

To change details or permissions for a user already associated with your LeafLink account, follow these steps from the Manage Users page:

  1. Click the edit icon to the right of the user.
  2. Check or uncheck each item you wish to change.
  3. Click Save.

User Permissions

User Permissions determine how members of your team can use LeafLink:

  • Admin: This user can add or edit other users and their permissions.
  • Active: Inactive users can log on to the platform, but can no longer access your store or any of its tools in the LeafLink navigation panel.
  • Can Purchase on LeafLink: This user can place orders.
  • Can Manage Orders Sent: This user has access to the Orders Sent tab.
  • Cannot Make Sample Requests: Check this if you do not want the user to make sample requests.
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