Clearing your browser cache


Every once in a while our engineering team releases a major update that might require you to clear your browser cache. 


What is a browser cache?

  • Your browser is the program you use to view websites - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Your browser fetches files from the website's server to load each webpage
  • For websites you visit often, your browser will store some of the files on your computer so it doesn't have to fetch them for every page load. This increases the speed to load webpages
  • The files that are stored locally on your computer are the browser cache


Why do we need to clear the cache?

  • Usually the cache is helpful to increase website speeds, and your browser is pretty smart about only saving files that aren't going to change often.
  • Every once in a while, we do have to change those files that your browser has saved.
  • The browser doesn't know that we changed those files so it keeps referring back to the local copies it has saved. Sometimes this can cause the website to act glitchy.
  • We clear the cache so that the browser will go fetch those files again, and get the updated versions.


How do we know that clearing the cache will fix a particular problem?

  • It will be rare that this is needed, we purposefully try to avoid updating those cached files.
  • If you're seeing weirdness with a LeafLink webpage, try signing in to a Private window or Incognito mode
    • In these private browsing modes, the browser loads every file from the server and doesn't use the cache. So if you're seeing the same problem, it's probably not a cache issue. Please contact our support team - 


How do we clear the browser cache?

  • Chrome instructions are here
  • Firefox instructions are here
  • Safari instructions are here
  • You can use Google to find instructions if you're using a different browser
  • NOTE: a lot of these instructions include deleting cookies and deleting browser history. This is NOT necessary and while it's harmless to do, you might cause headaches like being logged out of all your websites. We recommend you limit your actions to just clearing the cache.



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