Release Notes - 12-8-17


This sprint brought us two new reports, the ability to edit contacts from the View Customer page and a variety of other improvements:

  • Released a new Retailer Dashboard experience to shop more Products
  • New and improved Reports:
    • NEW! Reserved Inventory report - find which orders are holding inventory
    • NEW! Customer Locations Visualization - see your Customers on a map
    • Orders Report - now has a filter for Order Status
  • Added the ability to View/Add Contacts from the View Customer page
  • Updated the Quickbooks integration to support the mapping of Sales Reps
  • Made the CRM export respect any filters that were applied before export
  • Added links to our Order Confirmation emails to easily Message the Vendor
  • Added a column marking Sample items in the Ordered Products report export
  • Added better highlighting in the left sidebar menu to show what section you're in 
  • Updated the Orders Received page with different colors for every status


If you'd like more information about any of these, don't hesitate to email your Client Success Manager, or submit a ticket to!

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