Release Notes - 11-21-17


These two weeks included a few days at MJBizCon and a short Thanksgiving week, but we still got a lot accomplished!

  • Updated our Nevada marketplace to better support Nevada Med/Rec rules
  • Added a filter to only show Customers with Delinquent status, or only those without
  • Added the new "Flower Growing Operation" field to Shop Product page
  • Made "Available" the default Product Listing State when creating a new Product
  • Added an error message to explain when Create Product is unsuccessful
  • Stopped showing the City when "Allow address to be displayed to retailers" is not selected 
  • Fixed the Sales Dashboard totals so they wouldn't count rejected or cancelled orders 
  • Improved the user experience for a Buyer with an empty cart
  • Updated our Specifications fields to allow "0.0" values to be saved
  • Updated the CRM to respect "nicknames" when listing in alphabetic order


If you'd like more information about any of these, don't hesitate to email your Client Success Manager, or submit a ticket to!

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